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September 14th, 2017, 15:29
I don't mind low production values, I mind obviously inferior work.

If I look at something like Eschalon, it's pretty clear that the budget wasn't big - and that they probably didn't have more than one or two artists working on it.

But it was done with skill and care for the result. It has charm and things look appropriate - and don't clash with the UI, for instance. That's important to me.

Smaller issues like font aliasing and color clashes can really ruin my immersion and remind me that someone who either didn't care or didn't know what they were doing made this game that I'm supposed to engage with.

When I look at a Spiderweb game - I see a lack of talent when it comes to the UI, game assets, animations and especially the portraits.

When you don't really know what you're doing, I think it's appropriate to approach your work differently. You can either hire a dedicated artist - or you can pay a freelancer to do the art, but in the right way and with your instructions.

I'm not sure if the visuals in Spiderweb games are done by hand or consist of mostly bought assets - but they don't "come together" and they remind me of some of the earlier Java RPGs.

Even if it's "just the surface" - I think it speaks volumes about the lack of passion and dedication that goes into making these games.

Now, I'm not saying it's not hard work - and that Jeff doesn't care. I just don't think his heart is truly in it. Maybe it never was - or maybe he gave up after a while. But no one is going to convince me he's doing all he can.

I know some people don't agree - and that first impressions and graphics don't matter at all, but I think that's a very odd position.

But, to each his own.




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