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May 14th, 2019, 11:25
I played some more and I have to say even on medium this game is on the more difficult side.

You need food for every day you are on your journey and you need food to rest and it is pretty scarce. Once you are out of food you take damage every day and you get "fatigue" cards in your deck. When you draw them, it basically means one less card.

You can also take injuries (netting you another bad card for your deck, i.e. a broken bone gives you -2 damage for the turn) or lose food during choose-your-own-adventure-events. The events are very varied and I haven't seen any one twice so far. You usually have several choices which can lead to a good or bad ending.
A nice touch are followers you can gather along the way which give you minor passive boni and sometimes offer choices during events.

Combat is also not easy. You have a warrior (tank), a mage (magic damage and buffs) and a hunter (ranged damage mostly). The AI is pretty good at exploiting weaknesses and will swarm you fast. Being flanked leads to free attacks which can be devastating.

Pretty good game overall, but I might start a new run on easy. Mainly because food is too scarce imo and running out will severely hamper you in fights.
Thumbs up and keep in mind this is still EA.
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