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October 15th, 2020, 02:22
I also have played both AoW3, and planetfall, although not a lot of planetfall.

AoW3, I did have some mods on it, but loved it!!

Planetfall Again like others, I found I got bored! I am still trying it out though, so my opinion may change in the next year.

*Start Rant*
My opinion is that sci-fi is much harder to get right with RPGs, or RPG like strategies than fantasy.
The fantasy setting is more has more limits that define it and make it more plausible, and more controllable. Spells, melee, stealing, assassination, ranged, healing, … not sure I can quantify it… but modern warfare is just bomb the crap out of everything or shoot it… There is little personal skill improvements, or if it is, I think it is harder to implement… not impossible… XCom shows that, but for me…. Fantasy games are easier to apply RPG mechanics to.
I know AoW is not RPG, but it has RPG-like properties.
*End Rant*
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