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October 20th, 2020, 09:13
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That was an awesome review @largh…I find the lower loot aspect to BG3 more appealing - getting a good magic item is a treat and they are also far more unique then simple +1 all the time, although some are like that.
Thanks @wolfgrimdark, absolutely! This is one of the reasons why I am one of the few (?) who liked BG1 better than 2. Less is more when it comes to magical items. Even +1 items can be made feel special when there aren't many of them around. I wish they'll stay sparing regarding magical loot throughout the game. IMO, loot-spam has partially spoiled many otherwise great games (D:OS2 is one, Kingmaker another example). In many games, there is so much loot that I do not care any longer. I am not willing to refit my characters after every second battle.

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- While I enjoyed DDOS2 I never finished…It was a mix of so many long drawn out battles combined with too much environment interaction, overwhelming effects, and the crazy loot everywhere.
I agree that there is that TB danger here that many watchers may not like. Some of the fights were too long and I don't see this issue will be entirely fixed in the final version of the game (but again, if you go against an entire camp of enemies, what do you expect? You could have handled the situation differently). Some of the environmental effects were annoying although much less prominent than in D:OS2. I saw a lot of complaining about this on the forums and believe the effects will be made less permanent during the development. Instead of those mad water, fire, poison, etc. fields, interactable effects were placed more conservatively than in D:OS2. I liked that and noticed that many battles would have actually been a lot easier had I used the environment. The hints on using the environment are more subtle than in the previous games.

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My own feeling here is that the internal struggle with the Illithiad mental abilities was the best I had ever seen in a game. Mainly because it was the first time I truly felt compelled to use them even though I felt confident I would pay a price for it much later on. The reason for that is because the game can be very punishing on dice roles and combat.
Right. If you play it as it is supposed to be played, it will work. I was still in the "this is EA, I won't see the consequences and won't give a damn" mode and therefore it did not work for me. I agree that it is well implemented especially when you want to roleplay.

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As for bugs, I have been very lucky from the sounds of it. I now have 50.6 hours played and have had 1 crash. I have seen some dialogue with no lips moving, a couple of quest errors and bad markers, my fight with a certain hag was buggy as she didn't fight back so my thief just backstabbed her over and over Also a lot of the items near the end of the game I have place holder icons for.
Either you were lucky or I was unlucky (luck is earned though ). I also experienced a handful of quests that did not end. I had to save scum my way through bugs quite a bit. In the end, some of my companions outside my party would always attack me when I fast traveled into the camp. I had to murder these people and ended up only with companions that were in my party. I could not sleep either because the game would go to a cutscene and freeze, so I exploited food and save-scumming to finish the game. Oh well, it's just an EA. The point is to focus on the essence and not get too attached to your character quite yet.

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PS - I can't say I will ever like turn based combat that much, certainly not like when I was younger and played TB all the time, as it is just too time consuming and slow for me.
I happen to like the chess-like elements in TB games. I am a slow gamer always taking at least 150% longer than the estimated game length. I do not enjoy shooters etc. stressful games, so take my analysis accordingly. You might not like similar games that I do.

Originally Posted by wolfgrimdark View Post
I had some rather deplorable choices to make and wasn't happy with either of them but not really a bad thing as not every quest ending should be happy ever after.
That's what made the Witcher games great Please do not tell us more about this quest as I want to experience it too.

One thing I forgot to mention are the companions: each of them seems to be a ticking time-bomb. Although written very well, these kinds of overblown characters are very typical for Larian and I wish they could for once write a bit more balanced characters. I ended up murdering my companions due to the bugs in the game and felt great about it. That's how much I liked them Actually, they deserved to die more than any "enemy" boss.
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