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October 20th, 2020, 12:07
I think it's hard to avoid the comparison with BG3's EA release which is very recent and has been a real hype. The fact that such a small team is compared to a huge and established "game-of-the-year" team as Larian, and does actually quite a good job in comparison, could also be seen as a compliment, we don't necessarily have to see that as TA being only in the shadow of Larian. For now they're in another league.

I was impressed by their demo and really loved it! It was already much closer to the D&D 5E ruleset than BG3 currently is (they are completely wrong on some points like combat actions, on purpose or not), and the overall feeling was awesome. Even if they haven't licensed the full D&D, they developed a whole new setting for the game, so there's a good chance they're as much or even more story-oriented than Larian.
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