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November 21st, 2020, 22:08
New patches for Horizon's Gate:

Horizon's Gate now has an in-game mods window for toggling and changing mod load order! Check it out:

There are also lots of balance changes, such as a Rasmen buff, Bat Handler buff, and Hammer nerf, among others.


New 'Mods' Window that allows you to directly view, toggle, reorder, and visit the site of each mod
Increased available Formation Phase tiles around the rear character by 1
Added separate journal bookmark for Goals page
Crossbow reloading now shows a confirm/cancel prompt
Your currently equipped cannon's range is now always highlighted while moving in naval combat

Hammer accuracy penalty increased from -10% -> -15%
Rasmen's minimum Dodge when flanked bonus increased from 8% -> 12%
Increased Bat Handler's 'Summon Zoar' base range from 2 -> 3
'Summon Zoar' ranks now grant +5t to the Zoar per rank instead of increasing range
'Summon Zoar' max ranks increased from 3 -> 5
Enchanter's 'Siphon Enchant' now grants a +2 bonus but does not remove the enchantment
8-Finger Knuckle now also has -8% Accuracy
Swashbuckler's 'Mug' base morale duration increased from 50 -> 70
Krakenslayer's 'Static' base damage increased from 6 -> 8
'Defensive' and 'Meditative' XP costs reduced from 150 -> 120
'Pensive' XP cost reduced from 200 -> 150
Minibombs can no longer arc over characters (now behaves like a Dart instead of a Bow)
Reduced Minibomb base damage from 20 -> 18, and Fire Skill scaling from 1:1 -> 1:0.5
Adjusted starting positions of enemies in Tsavor's Dojo

Reduced delay of Aspect minion death effects
Changed Shield item 'power' icon to better convey that it affects attack damage instead of defense
Added dialog if player leaves port with duplicate ship weapons equipped
Added dialog if player leaves port with no ship weapons equipped, but they have some in cargo
Gatekeeper's 'Voidlight' tooltip now mentions that it also reduces Blind duration
Fixed 'Elemental Fury' duration being inconsistent for different types of enchantments
Fixed 'Jobs' dialog option missing at Guilds while having a partially completed royal quest
Fixed 'Melee Momentum' on enemies using the last player character's position to determine damage
Fixed certain rotated items on tables being mistakenly selected when clicking the tile above them
Fixed augments within armor applying their benefits when the armor is held in hand
Fixed using boat-style damage number icon for Move on non-boats
Fixed not being able to scroll up on Save/Load menu with controller
Fixed clicking on specific journal entry going to the wrong page if you had a lot of journal entries
Can now scroll through journal entries with controller

Mod loading crashes now specify which mod and what data type was loading when it crashed
Actor.aggressiveness now slightly affects AI positioning in combat
Added "crewxp" task that gives XP to all player crew
Added 'resetprocgen' command that resets all Groves and Monster Dens
Added AvAffecter properties "FXOnTargetTime", "FXOnTileTime", "FXOnHitTime", "FXOnMissTime"

Fixed crash on end of combat
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