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May 25th, 2011, 14:41
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I'd say the Iorveth/Letho scene could be a candidate.
That's the cave scene, and it's not pre-rendered.

I'm good with these things.

The first thing you notice with a pre-rendered scene is the movie compression. Unless they have bluray quality movies (very few games have them, because they take up way too much storage space for the benefit) - you will see the difference if you know what to look for.

Beyond that, you can look for engine specific quirks and glitches. In the Iorveth/Letho scene, you can look at Letho's face and how the shadows interact with the forms. It's glitchy - and you don't have glitchy shadows in a pre-rendered movie. You CAN have glitches if the pre-rendered movie is just the engine rendering and recorded as a movie, but then you'd notice the compression - and the engine will most likely render it much better real-time. They do this, sometimes, because they want to ensure cutscenes run at a minimum level of quality - for people running at lowest settings. But since there is NO compression, it's not the case with these scenes.

Lastly, you can look for performance issues. Movie formats are developed to play smoothly on "multimedia" capable PCs. So, unless you have codec issues or similar, there won't be "lag" or anything like that. So, if a cutscene hitches or there's a slowdown - it's almost certainly not pre-rendered.

The easy way to test this, is to put the game on lowest settings - and load the game just before a cutscene.

I won't bother, because I'm 100% sure. But for those in doubt, they can test it that way.
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