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May 15th, 2018, 23:02
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I think the problem is that developers often believe they are doing just as you say, but are actually doing the opposite. If Bioware developers thought the world, the companions, and the romances were what made Dragon Age successful, but that the old school mechanics, combat and skill system were holding the game back from having more success, I think it is understandable how a Dragon Age 2 could be developed (that and EA apparently rushing the development which caused corners to be cut). Many reviewers agreed, but most fans of the first game did not, and DA couldn't win over many new players.
I think its actually quite a skill to understand how to keep the best elements of a game and how to improve upon them. So many developers fail at it that I think its much easier to say than do.
Agree but don't forget gamers and critics in general. I have seen quite a few RPGs called stagnant just because they didn't re-invent the wheel with the sequel.
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