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November 6th, 2018, 20:16
Originally Posted by Ergonpandilus View Post
Agree on recipes and nice to see that you didn't had any bugs, like some people are reporting, but it's not because the fixpack. That error dialog is known issue, but I've yet put the fix there.

Agree on recipes. At first with Iron Shield I was thrilled that it was better than the wooden shields in the shops, but unfortunately the rest of the game the recipes suck. To "fix" recipes would require such a big work, that I'd rather dedicate own mod for it than keep adding stuff to fixpack. Something like "Ergo's Recipes for Drakensang", but hopefully somebody else does it so that I can enjoy it as well, though I use my own fixpack.

But right know I'm suffering from slipped disc in my back and I cannot sit down more than few minutes a time, so no modding unfortunately.

PS. Recipes work so much better in River of Time, as does the whole game!
Hey man, how do I install only the speed changes? Not interested in your rebalancing but am interested in faster speed!
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