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February 26th, 2020, 15:21
Hey Everyone, so this update is part of my attempt to cut down my 500+ feature list of Warsim to-dos. The list is made up of around 100 loose feature ideas and then 20-30 large feature updates such as Rpgification (The addition of more first person elements to the game), Expansion on Adventurers, Noble Houses, Demon Improvements, The Ancient Isle, And so on.

I am aiming to completely clear this list in the run up to full release on steam and hope to get there within this year if possible. This update is made up mostly of small things cleared from that list as I move on to my next update… Diplomacy!


After a suggestion by DarkMark the Difficulty choice screen now has a few more options! You can also now see the debug modes available.

* Added new ability to ask about difficulties on difficulty choice (credit u/DarkMark8910)
* Added ability to show debug modes on main difficulty choice menu
* Updated debug modes intro text
* Added bank gold increase to cheat debug mode


The Gaming Dictator pointed out that the in-game wiki was in a bad state, I've reworked it to be just a unit and battlescore wiki now and have brought it up to the same standard as the rest of the game. While writing this new battlescore Wiki I also got a little curious and ended up doing some research to find the strongest possible units generated in game, the winner was the 'Behemoth Arch-Demigod King' with a whopping 108000 Battlescore…

* Reworked in-game wiki to be a battlescore wiki (credit u/TheGamingDictator)
* Added new section of in-game wiki for strongest unit ever (credit u/TheGamingDictator)
* Added new formatting for unit and battlescore wiki pages in game (credit u/TheGamingDictator)


Found a few issues with the Thickblood tavern not being to the same standard as the rest of the game!

* Fixed thickblood upgrade screen kicking you out after each upgrade
* Added current gold shown when trying to upgrade thickblood
* Added new standard upgrade graphics for upgrading thickblood
* Added 69 testcode entered in owned thickblood tavern which strips all upgrades from it
* Added new dynamic hire screen for Thickblood tavern


After getting a duplicate throne room encounter a couple of times I decided to make it more varied, now the gold gift encounters are far more varied and some of them can be bad for public opinion if you take the gold. There's also now a super rare encounter where someone finds a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and shares it with you and it can be a lot of gold!

* Added new bad gold taken encounter type where accepting gold is bad (credit Cat)
* Added new throne room encounter 'Burning Orphanage gold' very bad gold
* Added new throne room encounter 'Undeserving people' bad gold
* Added new throne room encounter 'Gambling scam profit' bad gold
* Added new throne room encounter 'Retired warriors fund' bad gold
* Added new throne room encounter 'Parents gold' bad gold
* Added new throne room encounter 'Found loot in a basket floating down river'
* Added new throne room encounter 'Found Loot buried under a loose tree stump'
* Added new throne room encounter 'Was handed loot by a cloaked figure in a busy market'
* Added new throne room encounter 'Collected 1 gold from each friend'
* Added new throne room encounter 'Gold but cant say where its from'
* Added new throne room encounter 'Wealthy son sends gifts'
* Added new throne room encounter 'Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow' (Rarer event) (credit Cat)
* Added new throne room encounter 'found on floor'
* Reduced required public opinion for gold gift encounter slightly


This secret location has been expanded a lot more thanks to suggestion by u/CanadianWolverine

* Added new earthquake sound effect for the worldheart
* Added new intro screen to entering code on ancient door correctly
* Added new intro to the worldheart screen
* Added new event before stabbing the heart of the world (credit u/CanadianWolverine)
* Added new indicators at worldheart stabbed screen

NEW NAMES (2 features)

Some of my real life friends Cole and Darren's names backwards sounded very fantasy-esque!

* Added new vampire name 'Nerrad'
* Added new magi name 'Eloc'

BUGFIXES (14 features)

Lots of bugs fixed again in this update, the biggest being the duplication of champions in the Arena, no more clones!

* Fixed killed vampire throne room dungeons and trap door options broken
* Fixed grammar issue with diplomat wage increase throne encounter
* Fixed missing +4 prisoners indicator when jailing best beard encounter people
* Fixed grammar issue with item recieved in throne room
* Fixed 16 text bugs with crime encounters in throne room
* Fixed 15 grammar bugs with crime encounter in throne room
* Fixed Humpleburt gnome text bug (credit Steve Killbane)
* Fixed broken spacing on indicator for flip gold
* Fixed missing gold indicator in prisoner freedom bribe throne room encounter
* Fixed text bug with knight adventure story in throne room
* Fixed tax tax law on bank tax broken (credit Steve Killbane)
* Fixed personal champions grand tournament duplication bug (credit Dootmaster64)
* Fixed owned thickblood tavern doesn't disable hire bandits option if no bandits left
* Fixed champion training working even if you don't have a champion

EVERYTHING ELSE (3 features)

Just a few tweaks and a new screen for grand champion challenges.

* Added new wage change indicators for wage increase encounters in throne room
* Added new prompt for questing knights accepted in throne room
* Added new screen for grand champion challenge
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