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October 16th, 2020, 13:46
"Full BG experience" does not exist. One thing that made those games great at the time was the technological push they had. There just weren't games like that those days. I remember being thoroughly impressed by the 5 CDs BG 1 was delivered on (Command & Conquer required only 1 CD). I used days and days devouring the manual which was just amazing at the time.

Those days are gone and it takes much more to impress gamers nowadays.

Another thing that made BGs so great, and why they are still considered as one of the best RPGs ever made, was the story and writing. Both of which were on par with excellent novels (not as good as Lord of the Rings, but close). Those you can still experience, but it requires patience. If you'll take the games as novels you read when it fits for you, it might still be possible. Otherwise, the presentation in games has surpassed the BG times and many people might never be able to catch the magic those games had at their time.
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