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March 18th, 2021, 11:55
Isn't that getting like the most sexist thread ever?

Originally Posted by Silver View Post
From a traditionally male domain point of view there is hunting, fighting/brawling, drinking, smithing, navigation, politics etc. Gothic is a more realistic medieval fantasy world for a game than most which is apart of its appeal. If we broaden all of those traditionally male activities, as most RPGs do, to include females we also lose a bit of authenticity. For most games this is fine but for Gothic I feel it would lose something. It will be interesting to see what the new devs do with it.
But it's a fantasy game, even if there are realistic buildings and weapons you get fictional races and magical powers. So do we need to talk or even to care about authenticity?

We could also argue that there were female warriors throughout the history of several civilizations.

In The Witcher 3, you can't choose your gender nor your name because it's based on existing books by Sapkowski so it's really not possible. I haven't played the 1st Gothic, only the 3rd, but I don't see any such obstacle to an initial choice between male/female hero. There needn't be female NPCs I suppose, if the developer wants to limit the effort, I doubt it would hurt the setting or the gameplay.

It's more about what people want to roleplay. It's only fair to provide a choice when possible, at least for the player's character. But maybe there are fewer female players and developers/publishers prefer to reduce costs and generally impose an antiquated male virtual world. That's a more plausible explanation for me than any problem with female main character or NPC in the game.

Of course we could also have the same argument about the race and skin colour.
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