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June 20th, 2019, 09:35
Half way through ST Discovery and it not as bad as advertised. And actually it is far better than the first season of Enterprise.


There are some major differences. The main one is that the show really centers on the "former" first officer, not the captain. I'm okay with that.

The big problem for me is that the show seems to lack a moral center. All the other Treks seem to have some kind of principles guiding the story telling. But this show seems to mostly be about action.

And the characters that populate this version of Trek just really aren't that likeable. 6 episodes in and the most compelling characters thus far are the Klingons (who by the way are fighting for a Klingon version of morality). And the Ripper/ monster/ navigator character that was grossly underused. The should have watched TOS and saw how they gave life to a similar type creature (interestingly, it was Michael's step brother, Spock, who saved the day in that episode)

I definitely feel the former first officer got a raw deal with the federation and want her to get some redemption but her continuous insubordination just dulls her not so righteous crusade towards that redemption… so there's that. Her Bunkie/ roommate is kinda interesting but her Golly, Gee, Willikers charater with no other traits to balance it out (see Data) can only go so far. The captain and the current first officer, well, they're good actors and have some decent lines, but ummm, what are their names again? Nuff said.

Still, I like the show and its not the drek I was expecting and thus far look forward to completing season one and two.

ooh, and the back story for Sarek is very interesting
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