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September 26th, 2009, 01:11
Thanks for the info Moriendor. I will wait to get it from gogamer or gamersgate then.

While I think it is unreasonable, I can see how it could be viewed as being reasonable.
But I certainly don't think it is wise to purchase digital downloads from services that requires "insurance" to be paid. Esp. when you have other alternatives.

The main selling point of digital download is convenience. But as a result, we have to deal with the negatives:

- Digital downloads usually cost extra upon release (most of the time digital downloads are full priced while retail may get discounts upon release).
- Digital downloads tend to have extra layer of "crap" that wraps around the games for "protection" which usually means more headaches when it comes to installing, patching, and modding the game.
In this regard, not all digital download vendors are the same, I wholehearted recommend Gamersgate, Impulse and GoG. In fact, I'd buy games that I already have physical copies for from any of these 3 vendors. I left Steam out, because the online requirement, and the hassle that you have to go through every time to go into offline mode. (edit: that is not to say that I don't have a large list of games that I bought via steam… I just prefer the other services.)
Also, I heard that D2D is much more improved when it comes to DRMs and after my experience of getting MoW from them I think I will add them my list of "digital download services to buy from."

- Digital downloads don't need to worry about the cost of producing physical copies of the game and esp. manuals. And there would be no need to worry about (maybe) needing to pay for self space. Sure there is the server storage cost and bandwidth cost. But unless the digital service is going out of service for good, the bandwidth cost won't be that much to keep games available to the customer. As you've mentioned most of us won't be re-downloading the game constantly.
And the storage space on the server would already have been allocated for the game, so there wouldn't be that much more cost for maintaining the game.

just my 2 cent.

Edit 2: Risen is on Gamergate, but not buyable right now, but I've sent them a email about whether or not we'll be able to pre-order it.

Edit 3: And now, the one thing Steam is very good at: Availability of games and deals. Risen is now available to be pre-ordered on Steam for $45. But I will wait for Gamersgate's preorder to come active or Risen show up on Impulse.
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