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February 28th, 2013, 13:36
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I was never bored. I ran the overhaul with the OP's shaders enabled and played the core game and both expansions. I also really enjoyed the main plot because of the lore aspect. I explored every nook of the game and hunted down every piece of daedric lore. Fantastic experience. Every game morning watching the godrays coming over the mountains and through the trees…priceless.
There are no trees in the north or east. The whole region looks like black concrete.

Edit: A few examples:
Falasmaryon, north west:
Indaren tomb, east of Falasmaryon:…stral_Tomb.jpg

The landscape you see in the pictures is the only landscape visible in the northern region. The only people are a few dunmer camps that offer no quests or anything else except some main quest related info that force you do that lengthy journey into no man's land. There are virtually no animals except cliff racers, and no points of interest except a few tombs.

It's simply put the single most barren place I've ever seen in a game. I would love to see examples of game regions that actually have less content, but I doubt such a thing exists. Maybe some under developed MMO.

Edit 2: I'm sounding like I hate Morrowind. I don't, I think it's great. I just think the northern region (and the one quest related to it) is a complete waste of space and time, and it prevents me from playing it more often. The west and south are great though.
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