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February 16th, 2007, 21:14
Actually, cockfighting has been around for some time and the sport is growing, although it's a world-wide activity, asia seems the predominant area. In a fight there is one winner and one loser, an ideal situation for punters. There are the cockers (the cock handlers) and breeders.
Differing from their domestic counterparts, gamecocks are bred specific to the sport.

Seperate from this we have cockpits, as on an aircraft, which surprise..surprise, derives the name form the very activity center of the cockfighting sport, the place where the cocks are released to strike with their lethal spurs.

So, as a suitable name for a newcomer game publishing group aiming to fight for credibility in the market, i think "gamecock" is well thought out and appropriate as a challenger, it could get cruel and dangerous for as well as winners there will be losers.

I wish them well.
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