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July 3rd, 2019, 11:47
I've backed Shenmue 3 for a sole reason - it comes to PC. When something comes to PC by default, it's hard to imagine a serious developer cutting corners just because stupid inferior hardware can't do something so it has to go or has to be dumbed down.

I've seen articles and videos about previous two games and by no means anyone was pleased with everything. Those two games contained boring chores and design crimes. One of those is timecycle. Yes I'm saying timecycle in videogames is overrated bullshit.
The first game had time restricted quests but you couldn't move that bloody time, instead you should have left the game running and go for a coffee, beer, night stand, etc before returning home so you can finally get the quest. Dunno if the second changed that travesty.

Shenmue is important for something else. It made Yakuza franchise possible.
I didn't get an impression everyone and their mother loves Shenmue 1 and 2. Means, I don't agree those two games are overrated. Noone rated 'em 10/10 (hopefully).

Now for Heavy Rain I saw similar articles as for old Shenmues. Noone was totally pleased. Means? No buy for me.
For Detroit however I saw enough of praise thus I'm buying that one the very day it appears on PC.

If it means anything to you, while I'm Shenmue3 backer, there is no way I'm ever gonna buy it's predecessors. Mushroomscentered atrocities have no place on my PC.
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