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November 7th, 2021, 11:21
Originally Posted by JFarrell71 View Post
Well, yeah. There wouldn't always be a 66% chance of success…
I mean, sometimes it tells it's a critical with the right number at zero, which seems reversed. Or this value changes for similar actions but you're right, it could change because of parameters I don't see.

Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
In other games I've seen this it's the check is the second number and you need to be below it to succeed.

So a 30 means 25/30 succeeds. Essentially saying you have a 30 percent success chance.

The reason they show it this way is to keep the success chance showing.

If they did it the other way people would wonder why 30 is actually a 70 percent success chance.
Well, the 3 of us seem to have the same conclusion, except I wasn't sure at all when I saw those results. Thanks for confirming!

Now I just have to understand where those values are coming from. The game doesn't seem too fixated on numbers for the rules, like a D&D or Pathfinder. Or D:OS, or for that matter PoE, and so on. Some tests just say "you have a good chance of success" and that's it, no need for those numbers all the time. I suppose it's the spirit anyway, but it's strange when on the other way there's a trading system, stock of food and wages to manage.
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