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December 16th, 2011, 00:28
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That makes no sense. All glitches affect the game, more importantly the player's experience while playing the game.
The only glitches I experienced after playing about 250 hours are:

1. extra louis letrush clones - didn't really bother my enjoyment of the game at all, in fact it was kind of funny

2. sometimes when running and knocking random objects into water, the physics looks a little bit silly - didn't really bother my enjoyment

3. some keybinding hiccups - this was annoying but I figured out a workaround by remapping the F, R, T keys to my Numpad buttons and the E, A, D keys to my mouse buttons. my understanding is that this was fixed with Patch 1.2 but i'm already using the remapped keys anyways

4. one dragon did not give up his soul. this was slightly annoying, but my understanding is this was fixed with Patch 1.2. in any case that was the only dragon who did not give up his soul

5. some dragon corpses will move around in a strange way if you fast travel to the location where you previously killed a dragon. this doesn't really affect my enjoyment of the game, either

6. sometimes my follower fails to switch into combat mode when getting attacked by enemies. this one is quite annoying.

7. sometimes the game crashes when I try to take a screenshot using F12. this is also annoying, but it has only happened about 5 or 6 times in a span of 250 hours.
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