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June 21st, 2018, 03:36
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I'm not sure, she has a memorable voice with that kind of raspy hush at the end, but I think it's fairly easy recognize her, she kind of sounds very similar in each ( the ones I remember: Jack, Fallout IV, Scarlett, etc).
They are all similar because it's basically Courtenay's normal speaking voice, but the raspy hush is not always as pronounced. I was never 100% on her being V though, it mostly sound like her in the second part of the leak and I didn't know any other voice actress with a similar voice to that.

Today I learned that Elizabeth Maxwell and Cherami Leigh Kuehn exist though. Now I don't know…

It's not like I listened to the audio 4 times already… >.>

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What adds to this feeling is that we will be subject to this hype machine for the next months to years, depending on when its released. I'm not saying don't be excited, but it can get tiring - and even annoying - when something becomes over-hyped. It happens a lot in our society nowadays, from movies to games. But especially games, where every second of footage is analyzed to death and discussed by overly hyped-up gamers/fans of the anticipated title. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Don't burn me at the stake!
CDPR seems to be planning to release tibits on their websites every few days. They started a "scene by scene" of the trailer yesterday, giving mostly lore info, and community managers on discord confirmed more was coming this week. People made the count, there was 31 different scenes in the trailer and one every 2 days bring us right to Gamescom…
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