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June 21st, 2018, 13:04
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From what I understand, it seems to be focusing more on the side of "punk". What we saw in the trailer showed us a more modernized approach to a cyberpunk world: people driving cars, playing pool, playing VR, going to fashion shows, things like that. At the same time, crime rate is up, people are homeless, civilians are fighting, etc. In the meantime, technology has taken steps forward (prosthetic arms, a woman/robot doing her eyelashes while the bottom half of her face has been removed, etc).

We're seeing less science fiction, and more "what the future would look like if humanity worsened, but technology improved", which is probably not too off from our reality. In that sense, it's not entirely science fiction.
You described the game I saw in the trailers much better than I could! I guess I have never been interested in such a setting. I don't mind seeing movies about it but setting it self has never grabbed in the same was as fantasy or mass effect like sci fi.

This is not me really hating the game etc is matter of preference really. I will still keep an eye on it since since from the same people who made Witcher and its suppsoed to be a RPG. You never know, this may be the game which will get me into this kind of "punk" setting. Who know
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