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July 4th, 2018, 18:30
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They've all been confirmed through gameplay videos, talks with the developers, and media previews.
A lot things change in game development. Many previews are too old now. Its better to look on gameplay videos from devs where you can see almost all skills - like this one here: (VO is in english)


Around 2:40 you can see most of the skills. It seems that eavesdropping is not there for example.

BUT - they could change it meantime and cut some of them. Or rather condense 2 original skills into 1 (so they didnt cut anything).

Originally Posted by Silver Coin View Post
Of course it's not going to fully match the complexity of the P&P game, but the developers say they want to replicate it as closely as possible.
Yes, I dont criticise their decisions. As I said, for me it seems like Amnesie + CoC.

Originally Posted by Darth Tagnan
It doesn't matter if there's one skill or a hundred skills.
What matters is if the developers give the player interesting choices with weight and consequence.
Of course. IF they condensed some skills I assume they did it for this reason.
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