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December 1st, 2018, 00:58
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
I still don't see any button that allows you to change advisors. When I go into the advisors panel, nothing I try to do changes anything, nor does it bring up any options to change advisors. One in particular has been nothing but disastrous!!
Click their portraits. If you have no other available advisor options for that aspect then nothing will happen. Only when you have multiple advisors to choose from does it give you the option to change them. And to make the advisors better you have to A) build buildings to increase your kingdom stats, and then every 20 points they increase you can "rank up" the stat which increases your advisor's ability to deal with events. So instead of having a +4 to a problem, they'll have a +6 or +7, etc.. You have to keep doing this over time to keep up with the events that come or your advisors will be outleveled and failing more. Conquer more territories to be able to build new settlements which equals more buildings and kingdom stats. Finally, visit the settlements and talk to the unique crafters that arrive there, do their quests and you'll be getting gifts from them in the form of unique items. That will give you extra cash to buy BP, too, so you can stay ahead of the game with extra bought BP. Hope that helps a bit! It took me my second run to really get a grasp of kingdom management, but now it's pretty much a breeze. Only rank up when you have time and there's no super dangerous kingdom event happening and you should be good to go.
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