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November 28th, 2007, 19:32
Are you guys for real? What bugs? What patch? The release day patch only fixed minor bugs because there were not any major bugs to fix. The Witcher is the most bug-free and polished game released this year. Just compare it with NWN2, Bioshock, Mass Effect etc. Performance-wise it runs smooth as silk, even in low-end systems. There are only two major problems, loading times and crashing with certain configurations, both of which promised to be addressed in the next patch.

He played for 10 hours? I doubt he played for 10 seconds. In fact, I doubt he even played at all. He says nothing about the actual gameplay, his review might just as well have been an assembly of troll posts he came across surfing the net. Exaggerating the unimportant, making up facts and not talking about anything of essence, that's what this review is. Of course one can make a fair judgment after playing for 10 hours, most journalists do so. But to argue on that basis is giving him more value than he's worth.
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