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March 18th, 2014, 18:04
I'm pretty disappointed with the game overall. The story and characters seem OK but the combat system has serious flaws. Aside from being repetitive as others have mentioned, it has some mechanics which just don't work well. The way turns are set up (so that it will always alternate between player and computer no matter how many units they have until "pillage mode" means that the best strategy is generally to weaken / maim, but not immediately kill enemies.. If you kill them as soon as you can, then that will mean giving the stronger enemies more turns, which doesn't really make any sense… There is also the extremely questionable design choice of making renown the sole currency which is used to buy supplies / items and promote your characters… So you have to choose between leveling up your characters and having enough supplies to keep their morale up? Having "strength" and HP be the same stat seemed like an interesting idea in theory, but I'm not sure I like it because it means that one wound can effectively make a character useless for the rest of the fight, considering that there are no healers…

And then the whole terrible way they handled the DRM-free version for their backers just let a bad taste in my mouth before I even got to play the game.
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