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August 19th, 2018, 05:49
It's supposed to be $1000 USD and I hear the non-TI version is $650 USD. Grain of salt, and all that.

Sure, each generation claims to be better than the last. It's not untrue. But these boasts are quite new. They claim to have a whole bunch of processing technologies going on inside these cards. Some "RT" core for ray-tracing. "Tensor" cores for AI deep learning and crypto mining. Plus the standard cuda cores that we'll actually use in gaming.

I'd say before we actually see ray-tracing used in games there will be better cards out. Still, it's exciting to see the first ever push for the technology. Start of the future!

Here's a little more advertising.
Naturally, the professional cards come out first with the technology.

If they follow the same successful launch cycle for the gaming cards it would be 1080 first then 1070 then 1060 then 1080ti and I wouldn't count on a 1070ti again but it would be last. Plus all the 1050 and 1030 stuff that no one should bother with is in there somewhere too.
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