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May 20th, 2009, 13:26
FO1 & 2 did have something like that, although you and NPCs have classic HP, it is not "downgraded" with general hits the same way if you hit head, groin or perhaps even eyes where you could get blinded or crippled. What Fallout also had was the radiation and poison as slow atribute degradation effects if left uncured (also affecting HP), and some more additional things (intoxicated or drug addicted).
Magical cure for crippled limbs was not present. You had to use medicine skills or go for a doctor (and medicine tables). For addictions you had to stop using a thing and get past the crisys moments (rest), although for a drug called Jet there was an antidote.
FO3… Is not so rich with HP affecting things as it's predecessors.

As P. Junta stated, Torment was the game that did the HP thing pretty nice. You were a sort of regenerating abomination that can't die at all, but if the wounds were too critical, that could get you in a kind of "clinical death" and you'd wake up later in a mortuary or another place where dead bodies are taken. You'd be healed, of course.
But this doesn't mean you were playing as some immortal bastard so you can do anything without a consequence. For example in Torment there was an option to be completely destroyed by Lady of Pain, a god of some kind, who obviously had the power to kill anyone or anything.
If she was twice iritated (if you get along with Aoskar disciple too much), after sending you to a maze for the first time, second time she would destroy you (actualy your body) and permanently end the game.
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