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May 21st, 2009, 11:45
When roleplaying in the d20 system, I generally use hitpoints to represent stamina rather than health. You aren't really taking any serious damage until you approach zero. Im using the rules very abstract depending on the situation. A character with more combat experience gets better over time to make sure not to get hit, or not to get any serious hits at least, thus they have a greater amount of hitpoints.

Star Wars Saga Edition uses both hitpoints and condition, which keeps track on both strikes that hurt, and strikes that wears you down over time. On a sidenote, Saga Edition promotes cinematic heroes like no other game I seen. Even at level one, NPC's are massively more powerful than a nonheroic character, and can most likely shoot down multiple stormtroopers without that much of an effort. There's even a roleplaying mechanic known as "destiny" which promotes heroism.
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