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Default EA - Exclusive Deal to Develop 'Core' Star Wars Video Games

May 7th, 2013, 18:54
First I heard this I cried out like poor Vader in the re-done scene at the end of RotJ, but then I started considering that even though it probably means always online DRM, tons of cheap (as in, poor) DLC, and everything else EA is "famous" for, Lucasarts hasn't done anything good in a long while now. So the way I see it, we'll get games compared to not getting games, and they will have a good budget. It could be much worse. Like, Disney trying to do it themselves (they WILL cover facebook games and similar stuff if I'm not mistaken). Ubisoft coulda bought it.

The teams that are confirmed to work on new titles are also quite alright. They worked on Battlefield and Dead Space games, which were imo among the better EA titles of the past years, with all their faults. Also, SW really meshes well with the Battlefield premise, and I still have fond memories of SW:Battlefront games where I used to shoot my friends in the face with an Imperial SoroSuub Blaster Rifle.

As for RPGs, I can't see it happening, unless of course Bioware gets to do it. Personally I wouldn't like to see that, but a proper KotOR renaissance would be so sweet, one can hope.

So yea, I get some negative vibrations, too, but we'll just have to see. It would also depend on the exact nature of the contract between Disney and EA; if they signed something that requires them to deliver games periodically for maximum profit, that could be very bad.
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