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May 7th, 2013, 18:59
I was actually optimistic about Star Wars when I heard Disney took over. Then they had to go and choose J.J. Abrams as director.

That's actually worse than picking EA - because they're just a money-grabbing publishing house. Abrams represents everything that's wrong about Hollywood and he's going to be the actual "developer" of the thing.

That alone is enough to tell me that Disney isn't looking to turn Star Wars into something special again. They're taking the quickest and safest route to mainstream garbage and money in the bank. But they could have much more money in the long run.

Do I blame them? Not at all. But it IS what it is.

As for EA - they're being moronic about this - as they were with SWtOR.

They think in the short-term exclusively. They're thinking "Yay, we have Star Wars - sure money maker. Let's go maximum thrust and milk the shit out of it like there was no tomorrow. Let's put our top developers on it - use our best engine - and just throw money at it. It's a money factory, yo!"

They don't think about the audience and how it's going to react when the 7th Star Wars game comes out in 3 years - each more so-so than the last. It's just so amazingly stupid and such a profound waste of potential.

Just like they did with SWtOR. "Let's copy WoW - because that works. Let's not really think about what we're doing and let's not listen to those on our team warning us. Let's just get the best developer we know and throw money at it. It's a money factory, yo!"

When the game failed completely - it's not because people got sick of it. Nah! It's because F2P is the new WoW model! It's a money factory, yo!

Now look at it.


They could cradle it and get a developer with true passion for turning it around. Then, they could take it slow - and release one high-quality game at a time, and build a reputation. Then, when they felt the need to stuff their pockets - they could go and ruin it as usual - but they'd boost their income 10 times by doing it smart.




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