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May 8th, 2013, 13:34
Obviously, it's a matter of opinions. I have a friend who's a huge Trek fan - almost to the point of being a true Trekkie and he loved it.

*rant incoming*

The reason I despise it is because it's not only a really bad movie with no substance and plot holes the size of the vacuum in the head of George Bush - but because it takes a huge dump on several of my favorite characters.

The best of Trek, to me, was always the exploration of new ideas and concepts. How it challenged our perception of morals and creatively dealt with cerebral subjects like living AIs, Parallel universes and so on.

Star Trek takes the worst of Trek - as in the silly action over-the-top crap and it has no respect for the characters. Spock is a run-of-the-mill hormonal moron who beds women at the Academy and he's completely unstable. Kirk is an obnoxious child who drives a vehicle over a cliff - almost to his death - so the audience can get a true Abrams introductionary scene. Scotty has turned into nothing with jokes on top. Sulu became a one-dimensional ninja and so on.

Then we have "Red Matter".

Then we have one of the most irrational villains with no personality of all time.

Then we have some utterly ridiculous coincidences on a certain planet.

Oh, and a SHIT LOAD of lens flares.

If that's what Trek is to you, then I can see the appeal.

I guess I can appreciate that it's "fun" (I don't think so - but I can see how some would) - but the problem is that it's there in place of what else could be there. It means Trek is dead as anything but stupid popcorn crap. It's making zillions of dollars.

That's the problem.

That's just my opinion, though.

*rant finished*




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