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Default Dark Souls - First Impressions

January 31st, 2013, 02:34
@ GBG From my experience your closest are probably Firelink and two others in Undead Parish, the second of which is a little harder to reach. You'll know why once you get to the huge Bridge.
The first Undead Parish bonfire is very handy indeed and became one of my go-to places of choice (as well as Firelink) through the early part of the game.

Thanks DeepO for the extra DLC info; clarifies alot. I also ended up checking the dark souls wiki, since I was utterly clueless after not being able to find the summoning spot. It is a bit of a daft piece of design as it's not exactly easy to join the dots.

Once I'd allocated myself a broken pendant, I returned to the location in question and had myself some wonderful fun with the first boss, the Sanctuary Guardian.
An exceptional encounter, to be sure.
My mind instantly teleported back to first reading the fighting fantasy "Deathtrap Dungeon" as a kid, since it also features a memorable fight with a Manticore.

At first, I couldn't time a swing to save myself or make any kind of successful strike and died quite a few times thinking I had no chance to win it. I had to be both patient and observant in this battle, as it does give you tiny windows of opportunity that you have to take advantage of. Having half decent lightning protection helps too! It was just nice to have a big space to play with again (not unlike the Sif fight) giving the whole combat a very striking feeling. The creature has this way of pausing and slowly pacing at certain moments…really nice vibes!

P.S: Feel free to put the extra locations I've missed in spoiler tags by the way.
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