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January 31st, 2013, 17:18
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So I thought I would be smart and used the dark sign the fist time, assuming it would only consume SOME of my humanity and souls to teleport me back. Of course it took all. When would that ever be useful, you might just as well get yourself killed, which is probably easier, and you can at least try to recover your souls that way…
Yeah, its value is pretty much symbolic (it "triggers" every time you die).
Besides that, I think it was put to the game mainly as a fail-safe for an occasion player gets stuck in terrain without any means to warp or die (never happened to me).
Using it to warp to bonfire is a bit different from dying though -
a) you donīt loose the human form when using it
b) it doesnīt leave the bloodstain, but using it also doesnīt erase the bloodstain you may have dropped previously, so there may be some use for it in case youīre trying to retrieve a bloodstain, find yourself low on health and donīt have other means of warping
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