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April 10th, 2009, 02:14
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What japnese and asian women like is quite different…
No. Culturally, not only Japanese and women in other Asian countries are different from women in Europe, America, Africa, Middle Eastern countries, but there are huge differences between Japanese Women with, say Indonesian women or women in India on what kind of taste they respectively preferred toward trend in gadget or its design style. Here in Malaysia, those kind of products are difficult to sales, only some young female customers in urban area from high-income group, or women with "princess" attitude or "oh i'm cute and i want those cute things!" might have interest in the products.

I am not very familiar with Japanese culture and thus my opinion is not authoritative. Japanese peoples tend to have focus on detail and obsessive ("otaku" or nerdy ) and thus most technologies and products have the quality and fineness feel to them, including producing certain rare and unconventional designs or products. And yes, cuteness or "kawaii" is an important element in their popular culture and Japanese women love that kind of things. While you could see some similar behaviors among Chinese or on some other asian women, but they are on different levels or same as women in Western countries (which we typically referred to as "white man countries"). Plus in the case Chinese women, since they spread all over the different countries, like American Chinese, Chinese in South Africa, Chinese in South East Asian countries, and some more there are certain differences between Cantonese Chinese women, with several other sub-ethnic Chinese group (we call it different clans) whose with different dialects and do things and preferred things differently, it is just difficult and not valid to lump them together in a same conclusion, and we're not even including Japanese women on the topic of taste toward consumer products.

Years ago i read an article on the topic of "cuteness" in Japanese culture; don't remember much now but suffice to say that it is questionable to judge things or observe a culture based on male perspective alone, or a parameters from your own culture or custom that established and grown up from different environment as well as the reasons.

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they are like little babies and could like very childish ones which a grown up women here would not want, …
Nah, i think you're talking about something else . Women in Japan and other asian countries are well capable in many things, e.g respected Dr. Zeti is governor for Central Bank of Malaysia, as well as the professor and mentor of my history thesis on Chinese women social history many years ago, and my girlfriend passed all test for ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) by self-study alone and her salary is higher and richer than me
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