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April 11th, 2009, 23:28
Saying "someone is childish" is vastly unlike saying "all females of this ethnicity are childish." Do you detect the not-so-subtle difference?

It's possible to hold negative stereotypes about your own ethnic group, actually. It's called "self-loathing" and "racial inferiority complex." Which you seem to be suffering from acutely, if you're actually Asian, whether born-and-bred or an Asian born and raised in a western country.

As far as stereotypes go, I would say it is fact that these things sell very well in Japan and china ???
"they are like little babies"

"but I think majority are much more childish"

"Western definition" or not (here's a thought: "childish" is a word with negative connotations in English), you're making a generalization based on… well, very little knowledge. The fact that you're using the label "Asian women" as if the entirety of Asia shared a single culture is downright painful. I can't imagine growing to adulthood being this ignorant.
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