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April 12th, 2009, 00:04
Sorry I guess I have proved the point of being childish

But anyway to be politically correct, generally I think the % of women in Japan and China that are considered "childish" by the western definition is much larger than the % of western women being considered the same.

I appologize heartfelt if anyone feel terribly insulted by my horrible generalizations as of earlier.

I think by my personal opinion that in most asian countries the culture is quite different from the western one, and women get more into the role of liking cute things and acting what we would by western definition consider childish. The same behavior could be found attractive by many people of these countries, and also by many western people.

I also want to support my opinion with statistics about sales of cute/childish toys and animals and other objects which might be considered childish to a target group older than 13 for this region compared to western region.

By the way, are you, or do you know any asians ?
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