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February 27th, 2018, 06:39
Awww, man. Now I'm even more confused.

You said bugs both games have "utter buggyness" in common, but now you're implying that KCD is a "polished product", and polish comes after bug squashing. Polish is finishing touches that are not required but bug squashing is definitely required!

I mean, I agree that Bethsoft have been very focused on consoles ever since the xbox360, but so has everyone. Even Larian before they officially announced Divinity 2 they were talking about their "next-gen console game". To skip every game that also has a console release would be to skip all AAA games!

There's open worlds and open worlds? Isn't Skyrim actually bigger than KCD? It's also packed full of locations to visit?

Gameboy specs =
Central Processing Unit (CPU) 8 Bit, Clock frequency: 4.19 MHz, RAM: 8 Kbytes

It would take thousands of gameboys to run hairworks without witcher3 being attached!

I've never seen spiders behaving like that in Skyrim or any TES. It's probably a bug from some mods they have installed.
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