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March 1st, 2018, 19:32
The 2 games are nothing alike. I had over 200 hours in Skyrim and about 75 now in KCD.

Yes, KCD is buggy, but it's still a very fun game with tons of stuff to do. The game world is beautiful. I have to give Warhorse some credit here, I backed this game on Kickstarter way back when, like what, 5 years ago? No less than a year ago, I was
convinced the game would never be released. The beta was a completely unplayable mess.

And then they actually pulled it off and released a good game. Now they have lots of work to do patching up all the bugs. Still playable and still fun. I guess since I played through the first 3 Gothics, there's not any amount of bugs I cannot endure as long as I somehow get past them.

And the combat in KCD is hard and much more mechanically complex than in Skyrim. You need a bow to survive early on, but later you can get good at melee.
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