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September 23rd, 2021, 23:43
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Also based off that stream and other videos the basic plot looks like your infected, and have to stop the alien infestation/invasion.

Did they call it dark matter or something it was hard to tell?

Yeah, there is 'dark elex' now in addition to the regular blue elex. The dark elex is the violet/purple stuff you can see in some parts of the preview material like the monsters that are chasing Jax in one of the first cutscenes.

I was pretty confused about the story after first watching the THQ 10 year anniversary ELEX 2 story trailer and then the Gronkh stream that includes the intro and the first hour of gameplay.
After the story trailer, I thought that the game would begin BEFORE the alien/Skyanides invasion when Jax was still trying to warn everyone and when no one would listen to him but apparently all of that already lies in the past when the game begins.

If I understood things correctly then dark elex powered aliens have already invaded Magalan at the beginning of the game.
Jax gets bitten by one of those dark elex mutated beasts and he gets poisoned which is supposed to explain why he loses all of his powers.

When he wakes up in the hut of Adam Dawkins (the scientist from the first game) a few days later, the alien invasion is in full swing and they have brought terraforming machines (elex converters reloaded apparently) that convert/mutate all living beings and also plant life with dark elex.

Dawkins wants Jax to join him at the bastion of the 6th power. This might presumably be one of the five playable factions, i.e. the Berserkers, the Outlaws, the Albs, the Morkons, the new clerics and the 6th power or maybe the 6th power is the independent path because ELEX 2 is supposed to allow a neutral, factionless playthrough which sounds pretty cool to me. The factions will be divided into 'creation' and 'destruction' (the equivalent of gaining or losing cold/warmth in the first game). Maybe the 6th power is the neutral, science-based path. We'll have to see about that.
Anyway, Jax is jaded because no one listened to him and he's done saving the world, so instead of accepting the invitation by Dawkins right away, he first wants to take care of personal matters by checking on his son, Dex.

Quite a lot of that stuff doesn't make much sense to me. For example, the Hybrid apparently released a huge deal of energy into the sky when he was defeated in the first game.
So, right after the events of ELEX 1, there is this huge stellar phenomenon in the sky (presumably the portal which the Skyanides used for their invasion at the start of ELEX 2) but no one is taking Jax' warnings seriously? Really?
That seems like a stretch after the events of the first game and when regarding the fact that elex itself is a mysterious substance that came to Magalan via a meteorite "only" some 160 years ago.
You'd think that a mankind which has been almost wiped out that "recently" in history would maybe be a little alarmed by a stellar body of unknown origin but apparently not.

Oh well, like always since the Gothics, it's probably for the best not to overthink it . I'm once again not expecting much in terms of the story. I will certainly get the game some day when it's on sale and I'm sure I will enjoy the exploration (world design should be decent again) and hopefully the character development/skills etc. but it will probably be best not to pay too much attention to the dialogues and story unless you want your brain to end up in a mangled bunch .
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