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September 3rd, 2019, 00:52
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
Yes, I dealt with flaming pigs. Don't think I met flaming corpse - are you referring to the one behind locked door? Killed the lady who imprsoned the dragon. I decided to leave the isle already. I couldn't be bothered to do the gargoyle maze.
I love this game, and a lot of it comes down to the open-ended quest-design, but the flaming corpse quest is the only one I couldn't solve on my own. Looking up the solution online confirmed that it was, indeed, BS.

On the spellbook issue, you can actually craft them, if that's something that sounds interesting. Otherwise, finding vendors in later chapters is easy enough.

My party is about to do the ship battle. TBH I'm already getting burnt outů Still think the combat is too much of elemental explotion gimmicks and I find the detective puzzle thing quite tiring.
There are alternatives to elemental explosions. As I recall, I focused my party on physical damage, buffs and debuffs, summons, crowd control, and creative uses of spells like teleport and invisibility. That might be a more fun alternative, if you wish to persist. That said, I concur that there is no need to force yourself to play if you're not having fun.
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