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December 7th, 2017, 12:02
I'll be giving it a go this weekend. Sunday probably. Looking forward to it, as I really enjoy the whole RPG + RTS mix.

I'm still not sure if this one uses SF1 or SF2 as an RTS template though. There's a huge difference. SF2 is more of a traditional RTS with enemy bases and such, while SF1 used a weird "spawn point" thing where you were better off clearing most of the map with the heroes before building a base, because once you built a base the enemy would start swarming you faster and faster until the map became virtually impossible. It was okay-ish for the original game, but horrible in the expansions.

Originally Posted by Capt. Huggy Face View Post
This is what I recall from the series. For me, this could have been largely solved with the ability to issue orders while paused, but I don't believe they ever did that.
It sounds to me like there's a RTwP system in place now, so that'll be interesting to see.
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