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November 5th, 2017, 17:06
Finally finished watching Princess Principal. A few days ago.
A great series indeed.
Can't say that is the best series of the year as Joxer says it is.
I have to see a few more to make sure.

But,yeah. Very good animation. Sweet girls. Fan service,mmm.
Story progression is right on track for 12 ep
Backstories are also good. And no girl from the squad is left a story untold.
Which is a very good addition in my book. As it makes you care more about the characters.

My favorite episodes are when they infiltrated the morgue,and we learn more about Dorothy.
The other is when they worked in the laundry.

Even my first cousin liked this one,which made me really surprised.
It is a Mystery/Slice of Life series…and he is all about action…Fate Night series for example.

Anyways. Really enjoyable anime. Also recommended to watch.
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