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May 21st, 2012, 00:25
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If I wrote a review - not having had one single disconnect - would you accuse me of taking bribes? I'm not marking a game down for something I didn't personally experience.
The thing is they did have disconnects, and say it is "intensely disappointing."

Originally Posted by EDGE
Perhaps Diablo’s learned too much from WOW, in fact. Its least lovable aspect is its mandatory Internet connection. This protects Blizzard from piracy and may help to slow the spread of auction corruption, but it casts out mods and opens the door for frustrating disconnects and freezing. This is a singleplayer game that you may struggle to load at first due to busy servers, or because America just woke up and everyone has logged on at once. It’s a corporate decision that affects you on a personal level, and so it’s hard not to see it as an imposition, an insult, and a worrying precedent. More immediately, Blizzard’s approach is just intensely disappointing: Diablo III’s an amazing place, and it’s a shame that you’ll never achieve the full sensation of ownership over it.
Seeing as how they acknowledge the issues why do they exclaim over it's "level of polish"? Surely a game with "intense disappointments" should not get a 9?

But sure I may have over-reacted, they may not be turning a blind eye to it's faults, it just doesn't seem to quite add up to me. Edge is normally quite on the ball. Odd…

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