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May 21st, 2012, 03:44
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I thought it was very appropriate and engaging, but I couldn't care less about the story except as an initial goal to aim for. This game is a social experience for me - and the whole trading/cooperation/competition aspect is what keeps the game meaningful in terms of time spent. Even if I tend to play the game mostly solo - I have plenty of friends playing it - and there are millions of other players. So it's sort of a little separate world akin to an MMO. But unlike an MMO, you don't have to commit your life if you want to compete at the top. Aside from that, there's the whole RMAH angle, which I think most people have underestimated in terms of long-term impact. I know people keep telling me it'll never make anyone much money, but I'm far from convinced that has to be the case.

As a singleplayer game, though, I'd be hard pressed to find a more pointless experience - and I probably wouldn't even bother going through Normal - except perhaps once for the cinematics.

People who want to play it as as singleplayer game simply don't "get" what the whole design is about. It's not that it can't be played that way - but it's less than 1% of the potential and intended experience.
I'm playing it single player and finding it quite enjoyable. I think I "get" the design quite well. To say that the single player version represents only 1 percent of the experience makes me think that maybe you don't totally "get" the game design.
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