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July 9th, 2012, 17:57
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I could start babbling about genes, hormones and biological abnormalities, but are you going to listen, or are you going to dismiss them altogether by statements like 'why should I listen to your genes'? You have answered that question yourself.
I am not sure you are getting my criticism.

And hormones have an effect on your personality. That includes estrogen and testosterone. But the behavior is tied to the hormone, not the gender (such as a male with low testosterone and a female with high testosterone).

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Correct me if I am wrong
You are wrong. I am speaking about cultural evolution that is based in our capacity to transit knowledge from one host to another, accumulating insight over time that allow us to go beyond the physical limitations. Including arguing on forums using computers, words and letters. This capacity is not based on genes, maybe memes. Armstrength means little when you have invented all sorts of tools to do humanly impossible acts. Running speed means little when you have cars and even airplanes. Many deficiencies we can fix. We have eyeglasses and insulin, prostheses and other invented tools. We have a society which administration provide us with more food and nutrition than our bodies will ever need so obesity is a stronger issue than starvation. All of this makes it meaningless to speak about what we were evolved to, what our genes want etc.

You may wish to check out the is-ought problem;

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That's only one side of the coin
I haven't argued against sexual organs. I have argued against the behavior of expanding assumed differences between categories into areas that aren't tied to those categories in the first place.
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