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July 9th, 2012, 22:12
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I am not sure you are getting my criticism.
But I'm sure you didn't get the sarcasm.

And hormones have an effect on your personality. That includes estrogen and testosterone. But the behavior is tied to the hormone, not the gender (such as a male with low testosterone and a female with high testosterone).
I am happy that we are coming close to an agreement. No, it's not as simple as low/high testosterone. As I said before, you think that genes or hormones work like small volume controls. Sometimes it works that way, but most of the time it doesn't. You have numerous genes on your Y chromosome that have functions other than lowering or increasing testosterone and some of them affect personality. The other problem is that you rely on exceptions to prove your point. You rely on 'biological abnormalities' (a male with low testosterone values).

You are wrong. I am speaking about cultural evolution that is based in our capacity to transit knowledge from one host to another, accumulating insight over time that allow us to go beyond the physical limitations. Including arguing on forums using computers, words and letters. This capacity is not based on genes, maybe memes. Armstrength means little when you have invented all sorts of tools to do humanly impossible acts. Running speed means little when you have cars and even airplanes. Many deficiencies we can fix. We have eyeglasses and insulin, prostheses and other invented tools. We have a society which administration provide us with more food and nutrition than our bodies will ever need so obesity is a stronger issue than starvation. All of this makes it meaningless to speak about what we were evolved to, what our genes want etc.
No, I'm not. Again, I see that you have a very human-centric way of thinking. You put human at the center of the world, like it's special and meant for greatness. A very religious way of thinking, too.
But I still don't see how it explains breaking free from the genes. Your genes allow you to have a society, to talk and to use those tools. The fact that you wear eyeglasses or warm clothes means that you haven't been able to break free of them and you need tools to diminish/enhance their effects. Even using those tools (an airplane?) does not make you free from the genes. A small spider-ling has the ability to stretch a piece of it's thread and fly. A crow has the ability to use tools very effectively. Our methods may be more elaborate, but in the end it's the ability which has been given to us by our genes. You are not breaking free from your genes by using Insulin. You have malfunctioning glands and you use Insulin (a product of the genes) to correct it, make it the way it was intended to be. How is it breaking free from the genes, while you are using a product of those genes to make your body work the way it was meant to work by those genes?
We will break free from our genes one day, perhaps when we are cyborgs with electronic brains, no genitals and no genes. I am sure the problem of 'Male Gaze' will not exist in that day. But as long as you are a Homo sapiens and you have some of your organs, you are a slave to your genes and you can't blame men for buying games featuring hot female characters.
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