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January 31st, 2008, 03:53
The Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass is definitly great. The stylus-based controls are very well done, although the use of the mic felt a bit gimmicky. I played the french canadian translation, which was so horrible it was hilarious (and in one particular occasion, it used a quite vulgar expression that was inappropriate in a game for all ages). Clearly, whoever did that translation have no idea how we french canadians actually talk.

Orcs & Elves felt more like a turn-based version of Doom (not surprising considering it WAS made by the same developpers) than a typical dungeon hack, especially with food laying around everywhere that instantly heal like the medikits (although there's also the usual healing potions that you can pick up and drink later), the weapons with various effects instead of simply be numerical upgrades, and the way that the game tells you how many monsters and secrets there are on a level. It's a bit light on the puzzle solving and very short, but it was definitly fun. I hope we'll get the sequel on the DS, and maybe even Doom RPG. That would be nice.

I noticed you didn't mentionned the upcoming remake of Mazes of Fates for the DS that apparently coming out at the end of February. I enjoyed the original a lot, so I'm interested by this one. Hopefully, there will be enough additions to the game to warrant a second playthrough of it, and that this version will be more widely distributed this time.
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