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February 7th, 2008, 16:30
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As a matter of fact, I'd be much happier labelling it a turn based action adventure that has a helluvalot more in common with the like of Heretic and Hexen than any RPG.
Yeah, I agree with that assessment and I can certainly see where you would be more critical in terms of scoring, but that is how the reviewing ball bounces Sometimes I get criticized for really eviscerating a game, sometimes for being 'soft'.

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One question for someone about the PSP: is the screen a touch screen? (I haven't dug for this really hard, but I've found no mention one way or the other on it, and am currently inclined to believe that it is NOT a touch screen.)
No - PSP is *not* a touch screen. It *is* however magnetically attracted to fingerprints and smudges
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