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March 8th, 2008, 18:53
Ahh. See, I don't use a discount card. Consequently, price wise, one major retailer is as good as any other, all selling at MSRP, so price is a neutral factor in the decision for me. Given that EB Games is the most convenient game retailer for most people to get to in Toronto - it's a case of being "exclusive" to a chain I already frequent regularly and don't have to go out of my way to visit.

I would admit that having a game in Best Buy (and Future Shop, which is now part of Best Buy and is the main brand Big Box electronic retailer in Canada) as well is all to the good. But it seems to me that DS titles don't get stocked and pushed in the big box stores nearly as well as they are in EB Games.

And while we are now very far afield from the topic of hand-held RPGs, I have noticed something in my local EB Games lately, and that's the PSP. This platform had been pretty much dead in the water until about 4-5 months ago, when something happened. The new PSP slim design came out and things seemed to definitely change.

It may simply be that Sony is paying premium racking fees to EB Games (in fact, I'm pretty sure that is exactly the reason), but the PSP is getting hyped a lot more than it used to - and the games are starting to come out for this thing in larger numbers. Retail shelf space for the PSP is now in a very prominent position within the store. Those things are worth paying attention to when you are in a EBGames store to get a sense of where the money and marketing is moving

I'm not a great PSP advocate. The lack of a stylus on the platform (and the PSP's higher cost) offsets the superior graphics and memory, such that I'm more of a fan of the DS. PSP is higher tech, but it's the DS games that sell.

And until recently, you could pooh-pooh the PSP as great tech that nobody was buying games for. While that may still be true, the impression lately seems to be that the PSP has turned the corner. It is also selling very briskly these past weeks in Japan. If Sony could get the price down to $149, I think they might be able to move a lot of these things.

Pat-a-Pon for the PSP ($19.99! Major buzz title and cheap too! Stocked and racked at eye level - which is very unusual for a budget title ) and this week's God of War have certainly had a lot to do with the recent PSP buzz.

Hell, I may have to borrow my daughter's PSP (or just go buy a new PSP slim) and actually play D&D Tactics. I played the beta at Gencon summer before last but have never played the release version. I suppose I should get around to that.
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