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July 18th, 2018, 08:46
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No, I'm trying to understand your point.
I don't care either way to be honest, in part because I don't actually know who did what more, but I am trying to understand your point of view.

At what point is the borrowing 'too' much to be deemed 'creating'?

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I don't think you will ever learn to understand my point of view as long as you think in terms of black and white.

That's like a cube understanding a sphere.

Also, I've never said Lucas didn't create anything. You're trying to put things into little boxes instead of thinking in terms of reality - which is never that simple.

What I'm saying is that Lucas took very liberally from multiple sources - which is something he's talked about himself, so it's not like it's a secret.

He's also been very upfront about the kind of movie Star Wars was supposed to be, which is sort of a Flash Gordon matinee, mostly for kids.

He didn't set out to create a vast world, create his own languages or go into minute detail about the history and creation of life within his own mythology.

He DID do some of that for the prequels - and I think we all know how well that went, and it serves as an excellent demonstration of how little work was actually poured into the details for the original creation.

The Star Wars universe - as it exists today - is made by hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Middle-Earth, by Tolkien, was created by… Tolkien. Alone - by himself, and for himself. He spent his ENTIRE life creating that world.

The Hobbit was something he did on the side, mostly for his son. Lord of the Rings was written largely by request from the passionate fans and his publisher.

So, the books aren't really his "main creation" - they're just set in the world he created.

There's no magical definition that can set in stone explaining why I think Tolkien and his world is worth paying attention to in terms of canon. That's something I've decided for myself.

I can't decide FOR you - or for Lucky Day that Lucas and Tolkien did different things - and put in vastly different amounts of work in their creation.

Also, I'm talking about the world and the lore - NOT the actual movie-making process. The reason Star Wars worked so well, in my opinion - was because of the spectacle of the movie - and the FX revolution that came with it. Something a lot of people were involved with - but Lucas definitely deserves some credit for that.

All I can do is state my opinion and clarify when people accuse me of saying something that I absolutely didn't say.

I did NOT say Tolkien was 100% original in everything he did - or that he wasn't inspired. I did NOT say Lucas stole 100% of everything he did - or that he didn't create anything.

I happen to love both Star Wars and Lord of the Rings - but for very different reasons.

My point here is that I care about LotR in terms of the details and the history - where I don't really care about Star Wars in that same way.

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